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Patrick Gregory, CFA is the Managing Director of the Stephen D. Cutler Center for Investments and Finance at Babson College. Professor Gregory is also the Faculty Director of the Babson College Fund and the faculty representative on the Board of Trustees Investment Committee, which oversees the College's endowment.

Prior to working at Babson, Patrick was an analyst and portfolio manager at FM Global, where he managed the healthcare and TMT sectors for a $6 billion equity portfolio and allocated funds to external managers.

Why Stocks Go Up and Down

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Our book was an Amazon best seller and is a favorite among value investors. In 2016, we were pleased to have the book listed in Value Walk’s Top 5 Investing Books along with the Graham's Intelligent Investor and Fisher's Common Stocks and Uncommon Profits. Interest in the book has been favorably impacted by the release of the film The Big Short, which prominently features Michael Burry, the founder of Scion Capital and one of the few investors to deliver high returns during the financial crisis. Dr. Bury recommended Why Stocks Go Up and Down as one of the 4 fundamental investing texts on his investment blog, which was widely followed by institutional investors.

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Patrick is a highly skilled and diligent professional investor with expertise across multiple sectors. He made significant contributions to portfolio results by adhereing to a disciplined investment approach that blended rigorous bottoms-up work with original top-down insights. His portfolio management abilities, along with his attention to detail, would make him a valuable asset to any investment organization.

Jeremy Cote, CFA

Jeremy Cote, CFA

Research Analyst

Professor Gregory is the most professional and hands-on challenging professor I have had the pleasure of learning from and interacting with both inside and outside the classroom. His work ethic and integrity can easily be quantified by looking at his success and that of those students who have worked for him. Patrick is truly an asset to any organization and I look forward to any opportunity to work with him in the future.

Chris Valois, CFA

Chris Valois, CFA

Risk Analyst

Patrick is adept at seamlessly executing both quantitative and fundamental research while at the same time employing a level headed GARP framework to valuing a business. By overlaying rigorous portfolio management, Patrick is able to understand and navigate the various risks in managing a Healthcare sector fund, resulting in consistent outperformance. Enthusiasm and a strong work ethic only add to the value Patrick brings to an organization.

Paul Washburn, CFA

Paul Washburn, CFA

Portfolio Manager

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